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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system where video feeds are transmitted within a closed system from security cameras. Video streams are only available to authorized users. Whether you use a one-camera system, a four-camera system, or an eight-camera system, CCTV surveillance cameras are an easy way to upgrade your security system.

D-Blaze CCTV systems include DVR recording, hi-definition IR cameras, low noise and distortion. D-Blaze will customize your system to meet your needs to protect your family, property and valuables.

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D-Blaze offers Camera Systems with the following configurations:

4 Channel

Offers DVR with option of up to 4 cameras.

8 Channel

Offers DVR with option of up to 8 cameras.

16 Channel

Offers DVR with option of up to 16 cameras.

D-Blaze CCTV

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In addition to sales of commercial security systems, we also provide the following security services: